WoW Classic Azshara – Gameplay, No Commentary, ASMR (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Vanilla)

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Character name: Hellreacher (level 50)
Race: Undead Female (Horde)
Class: Warlock (Affliction / Demonology)
Zone: Azshara (Vanilla)
Quest hubs in: Azshara Entrance (near Ashenvale), Valormok and somewhere near Legash Encampment
Questing areas: Shadowsong Shrine, Haldarr Encampment, Thalassian Base Camp and Ruins of Eldarath

Disclaimer: This WoW gameplay video is for ASMR purposes, so it can be played in background, to help you sleep, relax, work or study. I do not play for performance. I am…

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