WoW: 25,000g – 45,000g Per Hour! Hyperspawn Battlepet Farm

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In today’s video, we are gold farming for the fox kit battlepet
– US :
– EU :
– if you wanna watch me goldfarm LIVE! click here :


– Discord :…

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  1. Im just here for the free V bucks

  2. I can hear you are scandinavian.. i would love to take some lessons from you when it comes to gold farming… Great videos and streams man! 🙂 keep it up.

  3. Hi, what world are you playing in? And tell me please how much is Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

  4. Yeah been trying to sell one of these for months, no one buys them.

  5. Just visit this every day with each of your +110 alts, do the dailies and soon you will have enough tokens to buy one fox per toon. This way is surer and quicker to get foxes than the frustration of farming them like Studen suggests.

  6. Yo! Love the channel, i have a quick question! Is there any difference in having a lvl 115 from a 110 druid with a speed set? Is 115 maybe allot slower?

  7. long time ago i used to farm the spiders, spawn quick aswell and no skinnin competition.. made me rich, brings back memories <3

  8. wow studen …..just a rehash of a real old vid

  9. Didn't know about this BP. Seems like a good side business to work on while in Tol Barad while I'm farming ore.

  10. Always look forward to these videos, Studen! Thanks a bunch! Been following your stuff and trying to fill up the auction house with pets, transmog and material farms. I bought 4 WoW tokens last month, 2 for a pet/mount bundle from the store and 2 for game time, and it brought me down to 180k. Just got back up to 560k! 😀

  11. Nice had it in 300 kills some years ago


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