World of Warcraft – Solo Ulduar Run for FUN! – BFA Walkthrough/Commentary

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Hey guys!
Welcome back to WORLD OF WARCRAFTTTTT lol. Just a fun uludar run for the mount and to just hang out n chat. Thanks for watching!

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Loot in the chest was added in january 2018 (or something like that :D) – I was farming Mimiron's Head since april 2015 and I remember when I was surprised O_o about that change 🙂 8:46 it's basicly me with my Subtely Rouge! LOL 😉 Ouch 🙂

  2. Lolol dw blu we didnt see u fall 😉 x

  3. lol i screw up that last part at least once every time…and i am the queen of falling off the edges….never fail fudge right here…lolol..huggzzzzzz


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