What Vanilla World of Warcraft Got Right – Encouraging Guilds

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In preparation for the release of Classic WoW in 2019, I take a look at the one feature of Vanilla World of Warcraft that I think the game massively misses out on. So many complaints from players today, in terms of engaging with end game, simply didn’t exist then.

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  1. I would love reworked achievements to suit vanilla, so just epic ones, like raid bosses and killing every raid npc in the game.
    I don't want pets and mounts to take up bag space, because it stops people collecting and does t really serve any purpose, its not realism.
    Inventory management is already tricky without it.
    Finally I'd love it if all classes were viable, moonkins, shadow priests.. Every spec should be viable, choice is fun.
    None of these changes would remove anything from the feeling of vanilla, nor would anyone truly care, you're playing for the grind and challenge.

  2. I'm sure the modern LFD (current queuing system) came in mid WOTLK and LFR came in Cata for the Dragon Soul raid.

  3. Hello Thete
    I have a qustion for you: If Blizzard removed LFR and replaced it with a 5 man raiding instance, "same loot as it is now", would that make it more viable and fun?
    What are your thougts on this?

  4. Yup joining a guild is the best way to play the game. Only trouble I have I am on an oceanic server and it hard to get a spot on a main raid run more so been a pally. I have never had a full raiding guild experience in my whole time on WoW as I am either on the replacement list for someone that was a no show or I am on an alt run which is more pug than guilds.

    The whole r.io I dislike as well. It like ilvl score. People take the best that they see. But for gold you can buy runs. On oceanic at present a 10+ key carry group will cost you 150k gold and a full raid clear of Uldir Heroic cost you between 250k to 500k depending if you want all tradeable loot. So sometimes that can be miss leading. One horror story was for Siege I need to do it for a quest. I had to pug it as I was on my alliance toon (normal play horde only Alliance for quest/story) Everyone one was over 350 ilvl and the tank had done a +4 key for it. So I was thinking this will be easy. We wiped at least 5 times per boss and the last boss it had taken us over an 1 hour to do. On the last pull the tank got there an said. Wait a moment I reading up how we are to do this. The whole group was like you got to be f***ing kidding me. We been explaining what to do and you done this dungeon before on a +4. His reply. Oh I was carried in that run. I didn't have to do anything. In the end we did complete it and he left straight away. The best thing to come out of it was I made a new friend and have taken part in some of her guilds raids when I have Saturday afternoon free (She American and raids Friday night). It just shows the scores mean nothing and I not done Uldir until I did the herioc run with her group so I had no score. Yet the party were happy to have me again and said I been better than some of the people they get that have done it multiple times.

  5. I am the guild leader of a guild that has become quite quiet since we lost our raid leader at the start of Legion due to family issues. I am not a raid leader, and nor do I ever wish to be. That being said, I tried for months to find a new RL, but as the likelihood of finding one that had the same "mindset" as I do about how I want the raids/guild to be run seemed impossible, my raiders started leaving slowly. However, because I also have many people in the guild that are not raid focused, I looked on my main for guilds I could help with their raiding groups. I helped these guilds until they went into raiding tiers I wasn't interested in, at which point I helped some of their "baby" raiders.

    When my MS and sciatica issues popped up and I could no longer raid, I apologized to these guilds and bowed out of what I was doing. In this way my guild was still together and all my "ultra-casuals" could do what they wanted and play they want without fear that their guild was going to disband, and in the time that I was able, I could raid and help several guilds. I have met many great people doing things this way, and in fact have sent some of my raiders to to these other guilds knowing that they'd be happier there.

    My guildies/old guildies ALL know how to get ahold of me if they need me, and I still help the other guilds sometimes, as they know that I'm an Achievement Seeker, and when they have guildies trying an old achieves or they are having issues on one, they will ask me about it. (My favorite lately has been helping a few runs on Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare. That one seems to throw so many people for a loop.)

    Now when I feel well enough to run a dungeon or raid a little bit, I know it's not going to be on anyone's schedule, as I can never know when I'm going to feel ok (which is why I can never now be part of a scheduled raid group) I know what's involved and I just deal with it. People on the other side of my monitor have no idea what I'm dealing with, and I know 99% of them don't care, they just want their dungeon or raid done. I rarely do dungeons or raids now, because of these various reasons, and although I do miss it, I view it as just another thing that my disease has taken from me and something else it has given for me to work around.

  6. Nothing is free, while I agree that the system in classic was better, it did create the other "problem" as seen by Blizzard that a smaller % of players ran that "this is better with a guild" content (<1% ran Naxx, a small % ran the raids at all). It depends what you want to optimize for and while I agree with your side of things ultimately, I think you have to acknowledge that LFD and LFR at least served the purpose of increasing the % of playerbase running the content though they were very damaging to the game in the long run.

  7. I loved running dungeons in vanilla it was much more enjoyable as it felt like a real significant adventure. There was a pretty universal short hand for a lot of things in groups though both guild and pugs. You knew not to pull threat, wait for tank to LoS and run loose enemies to the tank not away it never needed to be said. As far as CC there was a set order moon = sheep, box and triangle = traps, star = sap, circle = MC, diamond = banish, X = next kill target, skull = current kill target and basically everyone used this system and rarely was it ever needed to be explained it just naturally happened. Players now are spoiled and generally very unorganized as they try and speed cleave everything.

  8. I'd like to share a story about the guild I was in. It was on a RP server, and I was but a humble new paladin. I had nothing on this server, and eventually went on to join the most controversial and main paladin guild (Order of the Silver Hand). We had insane drama, with the GM being framed by other guilds, and a momentous showdown between all the Holy order guilds and the Death Knight orders in Duskwood. We brought the place to an almost all-out war.

    I had to quit playing, but was offered officer. Guilds can bring you the most memorable times you will ever have in World of Warcraft.

  9. As much as I enjoyed WoW in its first years, I think its just too old and too archaic for me to return to.

    It was a different era, we were all a bit younger and the experience was new.

    We cant go back now, even if we can learn some things from it.

  10. Thete i dont get why you seem to have a negative opinion about r.io right after saying how much of a pain it is to form a decent group and right before saying people should just find a guild with likeminded people or people of equal experience.
    Thats what r.io does for you.

    R.io is a necessity for higher keys and even makes your weekly +10's a lot more reliable and smoother. If you put a +10,11,12.. key up at 4:00 in the night you still get 40 applicants in 30 seconds.
    How would you go ahead to filter which one to take? ilvl? A lot of people are 375+ without ever stepping a foot into a raid or m+. Talk with each and everyone of them? People have a absolutely unrealistic view of their own capability and performance.

    This is something i can see every day just by looking at guild applications. We are 8/8 and get like 2-3 guys a day with heroic only logs or 2/8m greylogs. People dont want to improve or play with others on their level. This goes for guilds, raids, m+ and pretty much any kind of content the game has to offer.

    This is even more true if you look at the statement "unrealistic ilvl requirements for a raid".
    So someone wants to blast through this as fast as possible and creates and builds a group for that.
    Now someone not meeting the requirements and not wanting to build a group himself gets mad at the first guy? What for?
    Why doesnt that second guy join one of the dozen groups that he meets the requirements of? There are progress raids on normal to this day for uldir. Oh yeah, because he doesnt want to play with others on the same level and is just looking for a carry again.
    But somehow the first guy is to blame because he puts in effort while the second guy is just living his parasite life. If anything is wrong with the community its mindsets like those.

  11. LFD came into the game in WotLK not BC. But i have to agree with almost all u said.

  12. They need to bloody well merge the servers so there are enough people to make and engage with guilds.


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