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Has this team been giving you problems? No Hope in sight!? Fear not! In today’s video I show you how you can defeat this monster of a team, with ease!! Go into your Pokemon Go Tempest Cup Tournament with confidence!
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  1. What do u think about the addition of acid spray added to quagsire for T cup?

  2. The bad thing is that u have to hack o trade with a hacker to get tropius

  3. Just saw the the types for the kingdom cup next month! Any idea of when we can expect some content for that?! Thank you so much for all the tempest cup tips! Keep em coming!

  4. best counter team to "sealeo/lanturn/alteria" "sealeo/lanturn/skarmory"
    lanturn has charge beam.

  5. Tbh i would love to see a 6 pokemon matchup instead of 3 pick, cuz i dont think i would pick sealio if i saw a tropius for ex.
    Mabey one team have Tropius, skar, Quag, Lanturn, sealio and a Raichu, would you still pick pick as you did?
    If you know how to use youre 6mons i think you can beat most players.

    Good vid tho =)

  6. this is why a team of 6 is tough in this cup

  7. heyy !! thank you so much for all the videos, really, just came back from the Tempest cup on my neighbourhood
    and won it ( 5-0 )
    my team was:

    Once again tysm for all !! <3

  8. My sealo never lost to a steelix or Lantern lol

  9. Appreciate this idea! Interesting stuff. Essentially what you are trying to do is get rid of the Quag by sacrificing your Lanturn. So you have a favorable 2v2.

    2nd match is purely just down to predicting correctly. Which is always great to help your win%.

    1st match is more interesting.

    I think where she went wrong in 1st game where she led with Skarm was not switching straight away to Quag.

    Regardless, she should shield the 1st hit from Lanturn. Then when stone edge is up, if you shield she should shield again. The reason why, this is to conserve Quagsire’s hp and to get one more stone edge out of it after Lanturn faints.

    If you use no shield, what will end up happening is you switch your Tropius and your switch clock will still be locked. You take out Quagsire, Skarmory comes in to farm.

    If you used anything more than 1 shield, the fight will go close to 60 seconds, Quag will cause Lanturn to faint and you must reveal your next mon first. This allows your opponent to switch in next counter and save the Quagsire for later.

    Let’s say your Lanturn faints, you switch in Steelix. Gg Quagsire can still get an earthquake off before you do.

    Let’s say your Lanturn faints, your Tropius comes in. Opponent switch in Skarmory. You are forced to switch to Steelix, and face 3 Sky attacks. Steelix will be at max 31 with no energy. Sealeo comes in farm enough energy for Aurora Beam 1 HKO Tropius.

    Personally though if I know my opponent loves his Tropius, I would play double flying – Altaria, Skarmory.

    Keen to hear yours/others thoughts.

    This strategy will certainly catch someone off guard though.

  10. Wow! That team looks pretty formidable. And pretty much unbeatable. The person that beat me also had the double water mons in lapras and lanturn. Messed up my math though and the other tempest cup tournament is actually today and I can't attend! Been doing all this work and can't even attend! Lol

  11. Thanks for this video coz my frnd is using that dirty trio and tmmr is my tournament this video could change the outcomes

  12. I don’t have my tempest cup until near the end of the month how do you think quagsire will be with the new acid spray move also if Tropius can still learn Leaf tornado even though tropius was removed in the event post do you think that will be better or worse then leaf blade

  13. My all shiny lineup actually won my silph cup in Vegas people weren’t prepared for my teams or raichu/altaria/Glalie/graveler/sandslash believe it or not my graveler actually did really well I kept getting people’s skarmory‘ and charizard’s stuck in battle against my graveler and rock throw went to town on them also had to keep my altaria in the back every battle was my only mon to take out the Quag but it did a pretty good job just had to make sure I saved a shield for that

  14. Why wouldn't you lead with Lanturn against that team though?

    Quagsire is mostly used as a closer, so if you lead with Tropius you'll be very vulnerable to it later on. Worst case scenario: your opponent leads with Skarmory, he forces you to switch, he then brings in Quagsire and it's GG.

    Lanturn covers the two most likely leads (Sealeo and Skarmory) and leaves your Tropius in the back for Quagsire. Worst case scenario: if your opponent is weird and leads with Quagsire, you let your Lanturn go down and come in with Tropius to quickly wreck it anyway. Steelix can take care of both Sealeo and Skarmory.

  15. Instead of swapping out the sealeo you just let him die vs tropius so your skarmory isn't trapped. Problem solved. No one in its right mind would lead with quagsire if the other two are skarmory and sealeo.

  16. Yeah that's my fav team. The sealeo-skarmory-quagsire was my bread and butter for the Tempest Cup.

  17. Do it without tropius. Here in Mexico is almost imposible to get one unless you become a cheater or trade it with a cheater.

  18. Great video! I wish we could see what wouls happen if ur friend started with skarmory agains your tropius, i think he would probably win but i guess well never know x)

  19. How did you figure out how many fast moves it takes to get off a charge move for Pokemon?


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