The Scary Truth About World of Warcraft Classic (WoW Classic)

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Check out Mark Kern’s WoW Classic Tweet:

Full rundown of everything in the video:

One of the key advocates who made World of Warcraft Classic a reality
and Former Blizzard Team Lead Designer for the original Vanilla World of Warcraft, Mark Kern had some very honest yet scary twitter tweets posted recently on his take of the risks of…

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  1. no changes and the original models and animations will be preserved #confirmed.

  2. I think if they stay to core values of classic then we have a hit. Ppl QQ about changes becuz ppl know it can go retail way. TBC was fun but it was the beginning of retail. When they made ur achievements of raids worthless made the game revolve around raiding. It is fun to raid. I was hoping for patch 1.13 it had hellfire outland in it. U unlock it by doing a chain quest. To discover new areas. New dungeons and raids. Do not add past ilvl of naxx just make new utilities on gear where ppl itemize thier toon even great some from naxx some from mc some from where ever.

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