Super Mario Party – All Items

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Compilation of all items in Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch

All Items:
00:00 Dash Mushroom
00:15 Golden Dash Mushroom
00:33 Poison Mushroom
00:58 Custom Dice Block
01:18 Ally Phone
01:43 Dueling Glove
02:21 Coinado
02:42 Fly Guy Ticket
03:07 Warp Box
03:17 Hidden Block Card
03:39 Golden Pipe
03:53 Golden Drink
04:12 Peepa Bell
04:32 Double Card (x2 Stars)

All Board Exclusive Items:
04:54 Treasure Key
05:12 Pickaxe
05:28 Silver Pick
05:52 Door Key
06:06 Capsule Ticket


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