Super Mario Party – All Items

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Compilation of all items in Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch

All Items:
00:00 Dash Mushroom
00:15 Golden Dash Mushroom
00:33 Poison Mushroom
00:58 Custom Dice Block
01:18 Ally Phone
01:43 Dueling Glove
02:21 Coinado
02:42 Fly Guy Ticket
03:07 Warp Box
03:17 Hidden Block Card
03:39 Golden Pipe
03:53 Golden Drink
04:12 Peepa Bell
04:32 Double Card (x2 Stars)

All Board Exclusive Items:
04:54 Treasure Key
05:12 Pickaxe
05:28 Silver Pick
05:52 Door Key
06:06 Capsule Ticket


Readers Comments (20)

  1. 4:10 I know there is like a Nathaniel joke somewhere here

  2. Dash mushroom,Golden mushroom,Poision Mushroom,Golden dice,Ally Phone,Dueling glove,Coinado,Fly Guy Ticket,Warp box,hidden block card,golden pipe,Golden Drink,Peepa Bell,Double card,Key1,Pickaxe,Silverpick ,Key2,Kemic ticket (That's all folks)

  3. i finished the game and never saw the ally glove the peepa bell

  4. 2:54 Isn't this a Fly Guy R from Dream Team

  5. I forgot, can poison mushrooms stack?

  6. 1:55 Poor Daisy sounds so depressed…

  7. Where did you find the ticket @6:12, could not find it anywhere?!

  8. 4:16 Bowser jr.. rings a bell to make boo get spooked by his shy free bully or friend

  9. Can you only use the character dice blocks once per game or are they always available?

  10. Did Bowser Jr. Knew that the card was the 5??

  11. Peepa stealing coins from Boo… How ironic


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