Super Mario Odyssey [P18] Showdown At Bowser’s Kingdom!

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. It doesn't get much more climactic than the moon?

    Hoo boy, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann takes the cake on that one.

    The moon goes from a major plot point to a fight where two people throw entire galaxies at each other. In a movie (shorter retelling) of the second arc of the series, it goes even further beyond that. Love that anime.

  2. Can't believe you can fish Poochie out of the smash community in this level

  3. lol i know i say this like every episode but dang this world was pretty, absolutely stunning colors and design!
    can't believe we're nearing the end already

  4. Next time the moon huh? I guess Bowser wants his wedding to be out of this world? HMM?

  5. Once you beat the game you can get even more moons that weren't available before in each and every kingdom
    I'm curious, will you be showing that off? like 100%ing the game on YT

  6. The end?
    So you’re not going to fully complete odyssey?
    Or just the end of the story?
    Either way this has been fun.
    I hope to see more! ^^

  7. Man i wish i owned this game my friend just let me borrow it

  8. "You'll never defeat us! Not when we shift into MAxIMuM OvERdRIvE!"

  9. Dude the seed part is the best spot in the game to farm coins!
    Just need to grab the flowers and jump, it's pretty easy


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