Special blocks and commands – Minecraft Education Edition – E1

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Today I will show you a few basic blocks and commands that can be used to set up your classroom. Which we will build in next episode.

Note: This video was made in the early access of the learning platform Minecraft EE, so do note that some things may change.
Note 2: I am not a Native English Speaker and therefore there may be grammatical mistakes and other mistakes, I am also doing this to improve my pronunciation and general talking.

Recorded with Quicktime, edited using iMovie

Readers Comments (6)

  1. I NEED THIS VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love how at the start he says his computer is good so he can put his render distance high but he is playing on a mac and thats pretty sad

  3. It seems like the bottom is chopped off by iMovie thanks. thanks for that


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