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Artorigold goes over how to carry your games with these Pro Lucio Tips and Tricks Gameplay Guide

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  1. 7:46 Console player who has no idea what ctrl does. Second type watching it after seeing your Moria one and I'm guessing it's crouch. Don't know why you couldn't just say "spam left right and crouch" so that everyone can understand, and it's even quicker to say, than "a d and control." and doesn't require drawing on the screen. Like, you did that because you knew some people wouldn't know what you're talking about, also some people use arrow keys, or do other key remappings, so why not just use the language that literally every Overwatch player would understand?

  2. this guy calling these pro guides but telling us about his sensitivity at 5. lol wut. watch some real pros if u wanna learn something. or better still watch coaches. cause they know how to explain. check out jayne.

  3. 2:42 if you are solo widowmaker as lucio, you should not boop at the first time. Even if you don't respect the low rank, the better way to kill her, is shoot–>punch–>shoot better, if it is not working so much. Boop–>Punch and leave.

  4. great stuff!
    keep them coming

  5. too many people in gold try this and end up just feeding instead of getting away sadly 🙁

  6. hello my name is artorismurf, and i can't make normal videos, because then I couldn't make a Video per day.
    That's why I'm smurfing.

  7. You said your sensitivity is 5,what is your DPI?

  8. I also like to control that space with Lucio with f.ex. Orisa. Helping her not only to score envi but to keep close range characters off her face 🙂


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