Overwatch: Top 500 Baptiste Technical Guide + PTR Changes ft. Artorigold

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Thanks Artorigold for the help with this guide! Everyone should go follow him for Top 500 Zen gameplay:

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  1. Your boy talks like an AI

  2. Ayyy thats me, great video! Glad I could help out!

  3. Fantastic work, great video and was a lot of fun, keep pumping out the content bro

  4. Big patch! Pog there's so much to talk about
    I feel like Baptiste is weird relating to goats, his AOE healing and immortality field makes you think he's perfect for goats, but his ult feels kinda hard to use in goats (and could even be useless depending on maps) when Zarya who's supposed to be the main dmg dealer in goats can't amp primary through it nor can Rein so, correct me if I'm wrong, but unless the team is cornered she just has to speedboost back and force the ulting team to pass through the field, or be the one to speed boost and go through it, and the fight would pretty much happen the same way with or without the field. My guess for now is that if we want to unlock Baptiste's full potential, we will have to create a new comp that takes full effect of his kit, much like goats was the one to unlock Brig's potential.

    On the other changes, I'll go right away to my personal favorite, one that I feel like it's overlooked amongst all of those, but I absolutely love Orisa's change, it's not much really but it's like FINALLY THIS HERO FEELS GOOD TO PLAY, I've always loved the kit of this hero but her lack of mobility made her such a pain to actually play, that's all they need to fix about her and they're doing it. WHile we're at it, end of Dragonblade not canceling deflect anymore FINAL-FUCKING-LY

    Then we have Lucio's nerf that kinda makes me feel bad because… speed is fun pepega, but it was definetly needed, everybody knows by now that one of the most important part to killing goats is killing that OP speedboost which has make lucio the most consistently picked hero through the metas, correct me if I'm wrong but the only meta Lucio wasn't a must pick in was THE MOTH. There might be the real goats killer from the patch. Also on Lucio doesn't boop feel weird on ptr to you atm?

    Last thing I'll talk about, Zen changes. Zen is my second most played hero, I fucking love Zen so call me a traitor or what you want but finally a discord nerf, this shit is too op and like for lucio it's the reason Zen has been the second most constently played healer through the metas. Almost every meta started with relying on a "strong" healer (Ana/Moira) but then eventually shifted to a Lucio/Zen support line because discord is just that OP that even Ana's awesome well rounded kit full of different kind of utilites, or Moira's insane amounts of heal can't even compare to the raw dmg boost that discord provides.

  5. I feel like your sound (mic) has never been as good, don't know what you changed but keep it up

  6. I love how everyone that mentions the new sound effects in a video is always talking over the sound effects and never boosts the sound to make it easier to hear on Youtube. Otherwise, great video.

  7. the speed buff for lucio only helps the lucio that hasnt mastered wallriding. since the speed boost has been reduced when not wallriding you reach the speed ceiling way quicker, making rollouts and strung together wall jumps feel really sluggish

  8. How much time did it take to record whole vid?

  9. Has anyone tested the train? I reported the passing cars thing which got fixed but I never tested the passing trains on Busan. Long story short is the train shouldn't be giving ult charge. If it does, it needs a fix.

  10. Very well done video! Good job to all who participated in making this!

  11. Dva will never not be meta

  12. This guide puts gameleaps baptiste’s guide to shame. Keep up the quality content. <3

  13. Hi Reason, great video. One thing I'd suggest tho if you do another PTR video like this again would be to show each new PTR interaction alongside it's live counterpart (if there is a counterpart on live that is). Still, thanks 🙂

  14. TIMESTAMP INDEX HERE (click Read more )
    Guys, thanks so much for checking out the video. I want to mention that with this being on the PTR, everything in the video is of course subject to change. I'll try to keep updating this comment for any inaccuracies or changes post-publish.

    Some other Baptiste tips I forgot to mention in the video:
    – When going for jumps with the Exoboots, release crouch just before actually jumping to avoid decreasing your forward momentum
    – You can fire healing nades straight up to get free extra healing when they come back down (great to do before an engagement)
    – Regen's effect is not cancelled by EMP so use it or lose it!

    There's more detailed info on the Lucio changes on Eskay's channel
    Also I think we may have mispronounced Baptiste's name throughout this entire video but I'm not entirely sure monkaW

    Section 1 – Baptiste's Kit and Stats
    00:41 Primary fire
    01:17 Alternate fire
    02:21 Regenerative Burst
    03:01 Immortality Field
    05:13 Exoboots
    05:54 Amplification Matrix

    Section 2 – Techniques & Tips
    08:33 Kill combos
    09:14 Reduce downtime
    09:23 Immortality + Amplification Matrix play & other tips about Immortality Field
    09:58 Widow 1v1 with Immortality Field
    10:19 Baptiste in team comps
    10:34 mL7 healing nades
    10:50 Regen Field optimization
    10:58 Immortality Field to break Hammond ult
    11:10 Very general positioning
    11:15 Exoboots to juke dives

    Section 3 – Summary
    11:22 Baptiste opinions

    Section 4 – PTR Notes
    11:58 New sounds for damage boost and Immortality Field
    12:16 Mercy damage boost change and Valk res buff
    12:28 Armour nerf against beams and tick-damage
    12:36 Orisa and D. Va movement & boops physics changes
    12:56 Nano nerf
    13:02 Doomfist buffs
    13:14 Hanzo sonic buff
    13:22 McCree Deadeye buff and fan nerf
    13:50 Mei primary fire buff and wall nerf
    14:10 Moira buff
    14:20 Pharah buff
    14:24 Soldier buffs
    14:46 Sombra buff
    14:55 Torbjorn buff
    15:12 Widowmaker ult changes
    15:24 Hammond buff
    15:29 Ashe sound changes
    15:42 Genji changes
    15:51 Symmetra primary fire buff and ult gen nerf
    16:02 Junkrat buff
    16:10 Lucio changes (see Eskay's new video for more info)
    16:49 Reaper nerf
    16:55 Zarya alternate fire nerf
    17:09 Zenyatta discord nerf and primary fire buff

    Section 5 – New Meta Predictions
    17:32 Discussion

    Section 6 – What Makes a Good Support Player
    21:04 General
    22:57 Baptiste-specific tips
    23:25 More opinions on/predictions of Baptiste

    Section 7 – Ending
    24:52 Our socials, etc.


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