Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)[Blind] Part 34 (VS Yian Gargua)

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Well we start this episode by hatching an egg I forgot about last episode, then head off to save Pansy from the Yian Gargua.

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Monster Hunter Stories: 3DS Capcom Nintendo



Readers Comments (8)

  1. I will always remember this boss because my kinship special with tigrex one shot it

  2. Hey lets play together !

  3. Nest search is all about dens

  4. Yian Garugavis one of my favorite monters in the game

  5. Yian Garuga… The Jekyll to the Kut-ku's Hyde.

  6. Yian garuga I dont remember much in this game but I love fighting him in the actual games. My friend however gets easily annoyed by its poison attacks and screeching.


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