Minecraft Xbox 360 + PS3: Top 5 Most Dangerous Mobs

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The top 5 most dangerous mobs IN SURVIVAL (excluding boss mobs) For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One as well as Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft PS4 (and PS Vita of course)

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. Where Is Skeleton Horse With OP Skeleton on Top?

  2. What about the cave spider jockey?

  3. Pretty sure we already know this information

  4. Today in minecraft I saw a baby zombie riding a sheep

  5. I have a skeleton spawner farm and the most I've seen is enchanted gold armor

  6. Enderman can outrun you, even when your sprinting! If you want to outrun the enderman, get a speed potion 1 or 2 .)

  7. i don't know why but minecrafts version of spiders makes them look cute… im not saying spiders in real life are cute (they look atrocious) but when they are simplified they look really cute :T

  8. Man I love your videos 😎😎

  9. I honestly think the ghast is the most dangerous mainly because they can blow up blocks and possibly kill you whilst you making a bridge and they shoot a fireball and kill ya. Really, I think it's the most dangerous mob.

  10. 10. Magma cubes
    9. Zombie pigmen
    8. Wither skeleton
    7. Endermen
    6. Spider jockey
    5. Ghast
    4. Blaze
    3. Charged creeper
    2. Ender dragon
    1. Wither

  11. I didn't know anything could spawn with diamond armor

  12. I know this video is old, but I thought the Blaze would be on here.

  13. there's a way to kill full diamond skelectons, splash potion of poison or of decay

  14. What about a skeleton with a sword

  15. And the wither storm is not in minecraft


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