Minecraft Mob Trap Tutorial for Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, Cows, Pigs etc.

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Want infinite gunpowder/ arrows/ leather??

Build this nifty little design around any house for some excellent home defence which pays for itself!

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Readers Comments (20)

  1. I wish I could download Minecraft for Free not like $6.99

  2. That's so helpful you are amazing thx

  3. does not work in newest versions because the mobs stay floating all the time, need to make a drowning pit, then in worked fine again

  4. Is the outer fence really necessary?

  5. Won't work on zombie anymore since they can't drown after the aquatic update. creepers just Bob on the surface.

  6. And how are you gonna get out your house?

  7. @MouniraHussien yeah you`re right I heard a Mew from a cat or something 🙂

  8. Until NOW I can still use that usefull trap you`ve made ! Thanks a lot for sharing your helpful Ideas against those stupid enemy and the trap also conclude for sources of foods and other things thats is needed in survival mode 🙂


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