Let’s Play Super Mario Odyssey Part 32 (Patreon Chosen Game)

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Explore incredible places far from the Mushroom Kingdom as you join Mario and his new ally Cappy…

Readers Comments (11)

  1. oh no I've caught up I cant binge anymore

  2. Okay, Ruined Kingdom was cool but I think NOW I have my absolute favourite <3 It's glorious! I don't care for Mushroom Kingdom, let me stay with you, Bowser!

  3. Bowser has an airship. Navigating his ridiculous castle is a job for the help.

  4. I love the bright red moons in this kingdom. They’re probably my second favorite after the pale yellow ones in the next one.

  5. Those switch moons are the bulk of the event triggers in the game.  At least this means free healing after those mini bosses… if you can even call them mini bosses.

  6. 11:32 That's a saying in japanese: Will a demon pop out, or will a snake pop out? Meaning you don't know what (bad) will come out of a situation. Apparently it was a saying to attract clients for karakuri dolls sellers.

  7. I always liked the bowser kingdom because of how different it is than usual (not just a lava themed castle), but the best thing about this kingdom is definiely the bird capture that is just fun to mess around with 😀

  8. Bowser: "Hope Mario doesn't take too long to get here. After this, I've got a film crew lined up to do the latest episode of 'Cribs'!"

  9. I really like Bowser's Kingdom's design. I prefer the Japanese-styled buildings instead the usual western-styled stone castles surrounded by lava.
    The Pokios are fun, but sometimes frustrating to control.
    Taking Notes: Between Spinies kinda felt like Pac-Man, gather the pellets without the ghosts getting you.
    Bowser has the Koopa Clown Copter to navigate.

  10. It’s frustrating to watch you try to stop the platforms in that one side-room.


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