Insane in the Membrane Achievement Guide – World of Warcraft

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Hope you all got the information you need to get the title!

Time to skip to to avoid losing Bloodsail rep: 10:30
Mouseover Macro: /cast [target=mouseover, harm, nodead] poisoned knife
Replace “poisoned knife” with whatever ability you’re using.


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  1. How can it ever take you 3 hours to do the goblin rep that total bullshit even with a group plz explain

  2. how long did it take to complete?

  3. The blackrock mobs respawn instantly btw, you just have to finish off the spares patrolling 🙂 theres also a couple of extra large groups hidden around the corner from where everyone farms.

    Also a hilarious spot if you have a 120 rogue, since most ppl doing the achiev dont realise they needed a rogue/cba leveling one 😉 so many rookie alliance up in my spot. This is a spot i will be revisiting to gank for sure. like timeless isle it will keep people coming and the content is old enough that you will spot a ton of low levels.

  4. Nice vid man just came across this u should do more!

  5. For Exalted with both Bloodsail and Steemwheedle; he said it in the video at the end. The mobs near CoT do not reduce your Bloodsail Rep.

  6. Is there a way to reach exalted with Bloodsail without losing with the Cartel because I have the Insane title and exalted with the Cartels. I am currently neutral with Bloodsail and maybe I do not want to grind the cartels again. 🙂 Please give me your advice. Thanks in advance.

  7. amazing video!

    one question tho since the new mount "get 100 faction to exalted mount" is comming

    i would like to get the bloodsail faction to be exalted ?

    should i just kill pirates at the beach til i reach it?


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