How To Play FTB Revelation | Auto Mining Resources! | E09 Modded Minecraft For Beginners

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Welcome to this How To Play FTB Revelation modpack let’s play. FTB Revelation is a new Minecraft 1.12.2 kitchensink modpack by FTB (Feed The Beast). Let’s play FTB Revelation for beginners!

– Auto Mining Resources! –

In this episode we continue this brand new 1.12.2 modded series called How To Play FTB Revelation. We learn how to set up an auto mining quarry using the Environmental Tech mod. We set up a void ore miner which mines resources for us. Then we power the void ore miner quarry…

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  1. 7k and only 91 likes… Sad… I like your videos) Keep going and good luck

  2. My laser is not showing up I need help

  3. I got a question. A buddy of mine and I are starting with environmental tech for V1.12.2 for the first time but we can't find out how to get our hands on "lonsdaleite crystal" for the modifier. NEI doesn't say anything. Do you know how to get those?

  4. FYI don’t use the glass structure blocks they don’t work. I tried to save iron but instead wasted gold 😭 other than that awesome video ector many thanks I have been wanting to also get into wireless power

  5. One remark about chunkloading in FTB packs:
    The default setting will only keep chunks loaded when at least one member of the team is online.
    So in case of the server of the tutorial videos, most people are in the same team, so the chunks are kept loaded most of the time.

    When you have your own private team and use chunkloading and log off, your loaded chunks will unload after a while, until you relog. It also does not matter where you are on the server, as long as you are logged in your chunks are kept loaded.


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