HOW TO CATCH MEWTWO! Pokemon Go EX Legendary Raid in Singapore!

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Hey guys I’m Dan and in this video I will show you how we caught our Mewtwos with our Pokemon Go Legendary EX Raids of Mewtwo in Singapore Punggol.

We raided at My Waterway Park and Trivia Wall Rock.

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  1. Meh, got one at near Boon Lay the prata shop

  2. Bukit Gombak got any EX gym? Anyone knows?

  3. Hi!This is Sing Thai here.I am also a Singaporean gamer here.You might wanna consider getting a tripod while filming your videos.Trust me,it is a lot easier when I had to film gameplay videos myself.I play music,first person shooter games,racing games and many more.I have shot videos for 10 years already.Do subscribe to my Youtube channel at my real name at Giam Sing Thai.I also happened to play Pokemon Go too.

  4. Can you play Jurassic World:Alive?
    Its like Pokemon GO

  5. Well done, Dan. You are a pro!


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