EVERYTHING is Darker Side, Superstar Mode RELEASE! (Super Mario Odyssey)

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Happy anniversary to SMO! Subscribe to YouTube and Twitter so you’ll see when I’ve posted the update files! Please post your feedback so I can make improvements in the next version.

Download Superstar Mode:
Xecuter (Need either SX Gear or SX Pro):

Features coming within the next 1-2 weeks:
-finished kingdom exteriors
-finished hint art
-finished Sphynx puzzles
-some custom music
-some improved level designs


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  1. I almost got banned, damnit. And I was playing on my Switch like a bandit. I told Google to hand it over!

  2. You should make your own indie games inspired by Mario

  3. When you said things you need you didn't say computer,you didn't say it until when you said plug the USB in your computer (are you implying everybody has a computer) (also if he wasn't this is comment is a joke)

  4. Too bad I don’t have Odyssey! So I can’t even do any of the official festivities!

  5. Where can i buy the excuter sx?

  6. Why is everyone riding on Skulux for using sx os? If you don't support the devs or the product fine but, don't get mad at people satisfied with using it. It's a mainstream product that requires a low knowledge of Homebrew / modding, so of course he's going to tell people to use it. We all know that there's free options out there.

  7. This is super cool! Sadly, I'm gonna have to pass though since I don't want to hack my Switch. Hopefully Nintendo makes a New Switch soon so I can hack my old one and get this haha

  8. How do you play this with only an rcm jig and without sxos?

  9. Try to make super mario maker for nintendo switch

  10. This is awesome! Any chance we could host it in our oddesy section on gamebanana (a mod hosting site)?

  11. i am so confused on how to install this without TX stuff

  12. SKELUX, I support your work. But, I cannot support your endorsement of SX OS.
    First and foremost. "Stolen code"
    Yes this wouldn't be a problem if atmosphere was just open sourced. Issue is, it's under GPL 2.0 license. Which states credit must be given, and any modification to the owners code must made public. Which TX did not do.
    TX code is based off of old atmosphere libraries, meaning layeredfs, the core thing that makes your mod work could be having missing patches or bug fixes.
    And finally, your "It's easier to use SX OS" argument.
    While if you do get the gear, then yes it is easier… But there are better solutions in regards to price and time.
    NS injector is a cheaper dongle than sx os's.
    Getting into rcm mode does not need a professionally made jig. Infact, if you know what you are doing, you can use tinfoil.
    And most importantly
    This person has been compiling user friendly builds or at least files for quite sometime now. That puts everything you need for cfw in one place. All that is required is tegrarcmsmashgui and a usb c cable/dongle after you download that.
    Which is on par with what sx os does. Which is give you files to put on your sd, the payload, and the injector.
    To explain just how lazy SX OS is code is. A entire easter egg, which was in atmospheres code was found in SX OS in versions before 1.4. The entire layeredfs system is copied and pasted. (Sdcard drive letter) Atmosphere/titles/game id
    SX OS's? SXOS/titles/game id.
    They copied the comminuty over and over and have given no credit. And the most DISGUSTING part is what they tried to pull with retroarch.
    You can read it yourself. If anyone doesn't understand. Let's just say if this went through. It would be one huge fuck you to the homebrew community as a whole.

  13. You gotta fix the bowser fight in cloud kingdom. If someone land on the spike thing after hitting bowsette the game softlocks. And if you try to back into the game,it crashes.

  14. I guess I'm late,but happy haloween,skeletons!

  15. So If I did exactly as the video said, would my switch be permanently hacked? I don’t want my switch to be hacked permanently, but I would like to play some mods to breath fresh life out of my games

  16. A like the Idea of a harder version of SMO, but even 1 year later is Impossible to change the cutscene right? I have a idea Just cut the part after where Mario is aproching Peach, replace with a random image of Mario and Peach kissing, then return to the point that Mario is running in the way for get the Odyssey, could even make your invisible model for Bowser, because he don't matter. I know this will be a lot of work, but for editors I think its a step ahead, this Will make the ending so more pleasent and happy A like the Idea of a harder version of SMO, but even 1 year later is Impossible to change the cutscene right? I have a idea Just cut the part where Mario is aproching Peach, replace with a random image of Mario and Peach kissing, then return to the point Mario is running in the way for get the Odyssey, If could make like Skellux invisible model for Bowser. I know this will be a lot of work, but for editors I think its a step ahead, this Will make the ending so more pleasent and happy than in real game.
    PS: this is only I wish I had, If couldn't be made, I totally will agree it with no resentments.

  17. I’ll wait until the kingdoms themselves are done

  18. How much is the kit i want to get it

  19. What is we don’t use a micro so card

  20. If I try (with atmosphere) the game crashes. Any idea why?

  21. Oh I thought it was official

  22. There are alternatives :you can use an android phone, and a diy hack kit using a raspberry pi.

  23. I really want to play this, but I'm afraid that some thing will go bad(something happens to my switch, or computer), because every time I follow these tutorial videos, it doesn’t go my way

  24. for the sake of simplicity

  25. I wouldn't recommend hacking your main switch. There is always a chance and don't take that risk. Get a 2nd switch, like a new design version or wait for an updated version and then make a factory reset and don't use your Nintendo account or any account on the old switch after factory reset. Then you can hack your switch as you like but airplane mode should be always on.
    Getting the console banned is then no issue and even when they come to the idea to ban your account, even when it was not on your switch after the factory reset, you can act stupid and when they say that your old switch done bad things, you can inform them, that you sold it after a factory reset.
    You cant get punished when the new person done bad things on your old switch, that was properly deleted before selling.

    Don't risk to get a console ban or account ban on main stuff.

  26. Will this work on a laptop

  27. 40%-"finger reveal omg"
    50%-"dont buy this program for hacking"
    5%-"buy this program for hacking"
    5%-"good hack,nice job"

  28. Setup for atmosphere users. Full guide
    download https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases

    and of course super star mode
    After you install tergrarcmsmash gui.
    You need a method of entering rcm mode:https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-ultimate-list-of-mods-to-enter-rcm.502145/
    The video above does use rcm mode.
    After you install tegrarcmsmash. Put the files from the sd file pack into your switches mircosd card. Next open the atmosphere folder now open up super star, and open the sxos folder. then drag and drop the titles folder into the atmosphere folder.
    From there, grab hekate 4.2.bin or whatever the version number is. And put that on your desktop
    Open tegrarcmsmashgui. Go to options and click install drivers, just to make sure you got the drivers required.
    Then put your switch in rcm mode
    Plug it into your computer (make sure your microsd is in your switch) and then open up and select hekate 4.2 or hekate.bin
    Click power to confirm and click vol buttons to move in menus.
    click launch and then click CFW

  29. Is it the same on atmosphere?

  30. How do you extract the files from your copy of odyssey to modify them?

  31. For some reason I can’t get the update. Both my Switch OS and my game say there are no updates available

  32. someone find this mans gloves
    link them below xd i need them


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