Doodle Army 2: Only the best players left – LAZOR vs NERESUS *Part 1* [HYDROS TOURNAMENT⚔️]

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I know i said i wanna quit da2 but then i heard im still in tourney.
NOW I QUIT DA2. I wanna take a break of this game cuz like any other game it gets boring at a time.
Im playing pubg mobil and fortnite on ps4 atm

Add me on pubg mobil: Neresus
Discord: Neresus#3270

Readers Comments (23)

  1. Pin me bro cuz I'm sexy and one of the people left in tourney 😉

  2. When neresus is playing in pyramid .. That background music was very cool .. Can u tell me the background music name ? ? ? Please ?

  3. Switching to the Indian servers was the biggest mistake they ever made

  4. 5.36

    How tf u killed him
    He was full

    U hax??

  5. Da2 songs getting suck hes like rapping using his saliva and he drinks 100 redbulls and eat the cans

  6. Bro you said u will play with me plzzz

  7. Quit the game no point of playing it. Even ruby said it himself ? if you wanna join me and him on fortnite that'll be fine

  8. Nigga just quit the game, like i did it horrible not like 2013 before.

  9. Can u make me that intro plsss

  10. All the Best Players in Da2 history are Indians and Germans.

    Danke :^).

  11. Bro please come i really need u in my team


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