Dive Mining Tutorial – More Diamonds Per Hour?! | Minecraft SMP with NoobSniper Ep 11

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This 1.13 exclusive mining technique was originally discovered and explained by Suso on Youtube. You cover more ground, mine less blocks, and get SIGNIFICANTLY more ores per hour! What do you think about it?

Watch the original tutorial here:


Readers Comments (13)

  1. I tried this with an unenchanted picl and after 10 minutes I have 13 diamonds.

  2. You should probably practice what you're trying to show before you record the video

  3. That mineshaft that hits yours would be mine, lmao

  4. I used that mining technique by accident while tryna get to the treasure in a shipwreck lmao. it was definitely uh.. an experience.

  5. They could add "crawl" as a movement option (lower than crouch) that could get you in a 1×1 tunnel. There should be a speed reduction to it. I do feel dive mining is an exploit. Not sure if this will change optimal mining styles.

  6. That made me so claustrophobic! xD Also that tunnel isn't mine, but we gotta get something pretty connecting us. 🙂

  7. Love how well your turtle hat goes with your derpy squirtle face

  8. yo yo yooo I'm having a great time on the new server! Also loving your consistent uploads! Question though… are you going to be uploading any Forsaken vids?

  9. Great content as always. I’ll swing by and start that tunnel broadening.

  10. You said my name wrong again Matt and that tunnel isn't for my mine, it's for Silver's. His mine is connected to yours, and mine is connected to his.


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