DANIEL REACTS: Hero 29 Revealed! Ashe (AND Bob?!) (Overwatch)

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Wherein Daniel reacts to the Origin Story and some gameplay of Hero 29, Ashe!


Hey there, fellow rodeo clowns, it’s time for the second part of my Overwatch reactions from this year’s BlizzCon! This time around, we’ll be taking a closer look at the slick-shooting Ashe, as featured in…

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  1. Why every reaction said shotgun it's not a shot gun bro.

  2. Well, there go my plans for an Overwatch-themed "Mambo No. 5" parody. Too many characters for that now. But yeah, this character looks so badass and I can't wait to see her in action and what kind of special skins they make for her and everything. Between this and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer, it's a good week to be a gamer.

  3. I've been subscribed since you were called Daniel in so many words and I'm still watching your videos

  4. yup Bob is her ult. also he can be healed, slept, nano boosted. he can even contest the payload.


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