CLG cheese vs puncayshun | PACE2019 Grand Finals Race 1 | GSA SM64 70 Star Speedrun League D1 S1

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CLG cheese vs puncayshun in their first PACE2019 Grand Finals Race in the GSA Super Mario 64 70 Star Speedrun League! Season 1

CLG cheese (
puncayshun (

Tharoah (
Simply (

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Excellent commentary, chilled out, actually informative and from people that really understand the game

  2. Incredible how much time Cheese made up from what he lost at points. Almost as impressive as Puncayshun's consistency. Both their knowledge and skill levels at this game are clearly at the top of the world. And yes entertaining commentary, I like how the butter analogy was refined hahaha

  3. The commentator doesn't know what he's saying parts always have me laughing! Thanks for doing what you do guys!

  4. I really don't like adding to that childish rivalry between events, but I must say, It just baffles me how much better of a job GSA does compared to GDQ.

    Well, at least regarding the speedrun community representation. This is some professional shit.

  5. What a fantastic run. Loved the commentary duo as well. Will definitely be interested in more races!

  6. Nice Glasses from Cheese 😂👍🏻

  7. Simply you should be a commentator as a career. Really, you are very talented. Congratulations!


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