Classic Vanilla WoW Treasure Chests | Teldrassil World of Warcraft

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Thanks for watching my Treasure Chest guide video!
You can expect to see each zones rare spawns covered correlating with a treasure chest guide video. If you have any other ideas about what I should cover or want to see something specific let me know in the comment section below!
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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Thanks ! 😀
    Next Darkshore please !!!!

  2. Good stuff, these are great and they will negate the find treasure racial when i roll my nelf priest… now just need a way to get fear ward.. gj man keep it up

  3. NE warriors dont have any 2h proficiencies to start? Lol thats so dumb

  4. just found this channel omg cool content

  5. What are some of your memories from Teldrassil? Personally it was one of my least favorite zones back in the day because it was too gloomy for me… and then you go to Darkshore 🙁


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