Change minimum OS requirement for app to download+change app version number| No Jailbreak for free

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Hey guys, today I show you guys how to change the minimusOS requirement of an app so you can download it on a older version of iOS. What I mean is let’s say you have minecraft PE and you have to be on iOS 8.0 or later to download it, I show you guys how to lower it so you can run it on iOS 7 and lower too. I also show you guys how to chnage the version number of an app. If you guys did enjoy this video, plz don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. It would be much appreciated! THX!


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  1. I need help when I drag it into cydia impactor it comes up with this error

    zip.ccp :557
    cannot unzip "where I my modified ipa file is"
    Not a zip achieve


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